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From Bernd Eilers <>
Subject EIS replacement needed? WAS Re: why can't I access this address :
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:38:23 GMT

Hi there!

There is now no one anymore activly maintaining the EIS server, EIS 
software and EIS database.
At Oracle some of my duties where just these tasks but I now have no 
longer access to this service.

It may have worked some time without maintenance but now it´s gone.
That means that neither the web application nor the SOAP webservice used 
by some commandline tools in the build environment will work anymore.

Please also note that the EIS source code was closed source and has not 
been donated to apache.
If the apache OOo Community needs a replacement for these services this 
will have to be rewritten from scratch probably with some adaption to 
some different kind of workflow.

See also:

I think using such a tool like EIS to organize workflow between 
development and QA has proven to be useful in the past and that 
something like this might also be useful on the new home of at apache.

What do others think?

Kind regards,
Bernd Eilers

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