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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: A systematic approach to IP review?
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 11:25:01 GMT
On 19.09.2011 02:27, Rob Weir wrote:

> 1) We need to get all files needed for the build into SVN.  Right now
> there are some that are copied down from the website
> during the build's bootstrap process.   Until we get the files all in
> one place it is hard to get a comprehensive view of our dependencies.

If you want svn to be the place for the IP review, we have to do it in 
two steps. There are some cws for post-3.4 that bring in new files. 
Setting up a branch now to bring them to svn will create additional work 
now that IMHO should better be done later.

> 2) Continue the CWS integrations.  Along with 1) this ensures that all
> the code we need for the release is in SVN.

see above

> e) (Hypothetically) files that are not under an OSS license at all.
> E.g., a Microsoft header file.  These must be removed.

I assume that you are talking about header files with a MS copyright, 
not header files generated from e.g. Visual Studio. In my understanding 
these files should be considered as contributed under the rules of the 
OOo project and so now their copyright owner is Oracle.

> 5) We should to track the resolution of each file, and do this
> publicly.  The audit trail is important.  Some ways we could do this
> might be:
> a) Track this in SVN properties.
IMHO this is the best solution. svn is the place of truth if it comes 
down to files.

The second best solution would be to have one text file per build unit 
(that would be a gbuild makefile in the new build system) or per module 
(that would be a sub folder of the sub-repos). The file should be 
checked in in svn.

Everything else (spreadsheets or whatsoever) could be generated from 
that, in case anyone had a need for a spreadsheet with >60000 rows 
containing license information. ;-)


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