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From floris v <>
Subject Re: Starting a conversation on AOOo 4.0
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2011 06:58:51 GMT
Op 25-9-2011 8:05, Alexandro Colorado schreef:
> On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 12:53 AM, Tor Lillqvist<>  wrote:
>>> So, Tor, what is your point of view on UI changes?
>> I am all in favour of changing the UI, but I am fully aware that I am
>> not an expert in UI issues, and don't claim to know how it should be
>> changed. (Also, I am a programmer, not an office software user; I
>> actually use LibreOffice (or OOo) for real work quite seldom.) I don't
>> think generalizations and "well-known truths" are trustworthy.
>> Especially, one should be careful of falling into the trap of
>> claiming some UI is "intuitive". It is fairly natural that if one has
>> used Phillips head screws for a decade, Torx head screws feel
>> unintuitive. Or that if one has used GIMP for a decade, Photoshop
>> feels unintuitive.
> I would rather go to improve the usability factors that are different from
> changing the UI. Usability means doing things faster and with less clicks.
> There are many users that have put long lasting bugs and usability issues.
> For example Writer behaves different than Draw on some things that make no
> sense. For example, image handling in writer are limited from basic Draw
> functionality like rotate a bitmap image. Writer can link frames as a
> ongoing text while draw can't do the same.
> Programatically it would make more sense these services work together just
> like Writer and Calc used the same service for their tables.
>> --tml
+ 1
Add fixing long standing bugs and implementing long standing feature 
requests. There are a few that IMHO are rather important.
* I already mentioned the keep cursor position after a Replace all and a 
better interface for manual breaks.
* There's a bug in the conversion filter to and from Word: the mechanism 
of changing page styles in the page style definition (like in First 
page, where a different style is set for the next page) and page style 
changes linked to a paragraph style, like Heading 1. At present the only 
page style change that properly converts is the manual page break. All 
other page style breaks get lost in conversion. I can attach a Writer 
and Word file with that effect if desired. It's a major pain for people 
who have to send files in doc format to business relations.

Peter aka floris v

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