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From floris v <>
Subject Re: consolidation of Windows Build software requirements
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 09:49:15 GMT
Op 23-9-2011 11:39, Tor Lillqvist schreef:
>> Sp2is still widely used and installed in low specs computers in developing
>> countries where no licensed copies of MS exist (and where the use of
>> unlicensed copies of software is not illegal). These computers are a part of
>> OOo's market.
> Sorry if I am missing something, but why wouldn't these people use an
> unlicensed copy (cracked if necessary) of the "real thing", i.e. MS
> Office, then, if it is not illegal?
> Imagine trying to convince them to use OOo: "OK, I see you are using
> an unlicensed copy of Windows, oh well, that is legal in your country,
> and MS is evil anyway, so I don't mind. Now, look at what I have here,
> lovely office software which is almost as good as MS Office, and it
> doesn't cost anything! And it is Open Source! Don't you want to use
> it, please? Please?"
> --tml
Win XP is also still widely used by people who post in the Dutch nl 
community forum to report problems with installing the latest version of 
OOo. I doubt very much that those people post from a developing country. 
Then again, those people will have a fully upgraded system with SP3, 
yes, that's the latest.
Peter aka floris v

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