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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: consolidation of Windows Build software requirements
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 07:55:57 GMT
Hi Mathias,

On 22.09.2011 22:35, Mathias Bauer wrote:
> Am 21.09.2011 12:07, schrieb Martin Hollmichel:
>> Hi,
>> Am 20.09.2011 12:26, schrieb Oliver-Rainer Wittmann:
>>> Hi,
>> [...]
>>> I will start working on a consolidation of the Windows Build software
>>> requirements as given on
>>> - get rid of dependence on unicows.dll
>> This will have some impact wrt system requirements ? Which Windows
>> version will be affected by this change ?
>>> -- take over issue 88652
>>> ( from Mathias and
>>> perform the given tasks.
>>> - get rid of dependence on instmsiw.exe and instmsia.exe
>> also this will iirc have some dependencies wrt system requirements, what
>> do  you consider as minimum Windows baseline ? I would be fine with a XP
>> System SP2,
> Why not SP3?
> Really, SP2 is a totally outdated system.

I am not recognizing in my mind which service packs are available for 
which Windows version.
I am only repeating Martin here thinking that SP2 was the latest SP for 
Win XP. Thus, no reason special reason for Win XP SP2.
My opinion is that we should always rely on the most updated version of 
an operating system which we want to support.
Thus, for Windows XP it should be Win XP SP3, if this is the most 
updated version.

> Besides that, we don't need unicows.dll on any Windows XP installation,
> WinXP is UniCode enabled. unicows.dll ist just for Win9x.

That is what I understand from the comments which you have been made in 
issue 88652.

> Maybe you mixed unicows.dll with the notorious uwinapi.dll that at least
> has some value on WinXP, though it's unclear how much.

Why do you think I am mixing unicows.dll with uwinapi.dll?
I am only planning to perform the stuff which is mentioned in issue 
88652 regarding unicows.dll.

Best regards, Oliver.

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