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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject consolidation of Windows Build software requirements [was: Re: Introduction and start working]
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:26:18 GMT
Hi Martin,

On 21.09.2011 13:56, Martin Hollmichel wrote:
> Hi,
>>>> - get rid of dependence on instmsiw.exe and instmsia.exe
>>> also this will iirc have some dependencies wrt system requirements, what
>>> do you consider as minimum Windows baseline ? I would be fine with a XP
>>> System SP2,
>> I would alse be fine with Windows XP SP2 as the minimum Windows
>> operating system as it is already stated in the building guide for
>> Windows -
>>>> -- I did not find any reference to these files in the sources.
>>> They come from the installer SDK,
>> As I can see on my system (Windows 7) the files instmsiw.exe and
>> instmsia.exe are no longer included in "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
>> Express" or "Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008"
>> I also did not see that these files are included in an OOo
>> installation set, if they are copied into ../external/msi/.
>> Searching for information about the Microsoft Windows Installer -
>> namely these executables - results that
>> - the Microsoft Windows Installer is part of the Windows operating
>> system since versions Windows 2000 and Windows ME.
>> - for previous Windows versions (95, 98, 98 2nd Edition) the Microsoft
>> Windows Installer has be manually installed. As far as I know these
>> Windows version are no longer supported by OOo. Is this correct?
>> Thus, I concluded that these files are no longer needed.
>> Does anyone has further information?
> I would think this depends on what version of the installer we depend,
> on my windows xp system I have Windows Installer 3.01 available, on my
> Windows 7 there is version 5 available. As always, some testing on the
> baselines is required.
> To my knowledge, just the creation of .msp (patches and service packs)
> requires a recent version of the installer, so if avoiding this the
> removal of the instmsi?.exe may be ok,

Yes, once I have a corresponding patch ready we have to check it on the 
different Windows platforms.

Does the current version of Apache OpenOffice allow the creation of 
patches and service packs?

Best regards,

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