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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: VCL TestTool
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 09:40:47 GMT
Hi Frank

Am 19.09.11 09:26, schrieb Frank Schönheit:
> Hi Mathias,
>> - fix the testtool code in the "automation" module and try to create a
>> newer and better version of it.
> which is what I'd prefer. On the medium run, I'd even be more agressive:
> Replace the current test tool with something else, offering the same
> functionality. In particular, I'd like to see Java support for writing
> GUI tests. This would have several advantages:
> - No need to maintain a dedicated TestTool IDE - any Java IDE would do.
> - No need to write test scripts in this awkward Bssic flavour
> - Easier to add additional functionality to the testtool
> by chance :), I started something like this 2 years or so ago, back in
> HH times. I have still some code which implements (part of) the protocol
> used by the testtool, and allows (the very beginning of) OOo GUI
> automation in Java.
> Actually, I am not sure whether reusing the existing protocol is a good
> idea at all. Perhaps we should just re-use the existing command server
> code in OOo, and re-implement the socket protocol in a more modern way,
> together with a new client. Don't know enough 'bout the internals to
> really judge this.
> In any way, I'd be happy already if those Basic scripts could be replace
> by something more 21st-century-like.
All good Ideas, but we should not investegate blind too much time in the 
TT. We realy need to evaluate, what's the benefit, and how much time it 
cost. It's a difference if we find 10 Regression or 500 in one year with 
the TT. So the first thing is to see how much time TT save for QA.

In general, I'm for automated testing, because this is a good method to 
find regressions. Skilled QA people are rare, so they should not waste 
time with manual testing to avoind regression. They should have time for 
intuitive testing of new features. If a testrun of 1 day computer time 
takes 20 minute for a QA to analyze the Results, it is probaly a big 
benefit. But if you need 2 houers to analyze it's maybe not wroth to 
maintain the TT and all the scripts.

So let us first see, what's the real benefit of the testtool.


> Ciao
> Frank

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