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From Frank Schönheit <>
Subject Re: VCL TestTool
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 07:26:49 GMT
Hi Mathias,

> - fix the testtool code in the "automation" module and try to create a
> newer and better version of it.

which is what I'd prefer. On the medium run, I'd even be more agressive:
Replace the current test tool with something else, offering the same
functionality. In particular, I'd like to see Java support for writing
GUI tests. This would have several advantages:
- No need to maintain a dedicated TestTool IDE - any Java IDE would do.
- No need to write test scripts in this awkward Bssic flavour
- Easier to add additional functionality to the testtool

by chance :), I started something like this 2 years or so ago, back in
HH times. I have still some code which implements (part of) the protocol
used by the testtool, and allows (the very beginning of) OOo GUI
automation in Java.

Actually, I am not sure whether reusing the existing protocol is a good
idea at all. Perhaps we should just re-use the existing command server
code in OOo, and re-implement the socket protocol in a more modern way,
together with a new client. Don't know enough 'bout the internals to
really judge this.

In any way, I'd be happy already if those Basic scripts could be replace
by something more 21st-century-like.


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