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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: VCL TestTool
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2011 22:22:23 GMT
Am 18.09.2011 20:41, schrieb Bjoern Michaelsen:

> Hi Rob, Hi Mathias,
> On Sun, 18 Sep 2011 13:42:54 -0400
> Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> Is there a different tool for GUI test automation that we should be
>> investing in going forward?
> you might be interested in:
> for a few additional viewpoints on the test suites. (Not so thrilling
> for Mathias I guess, as he knows the arguments and the positions
> expressed, but still.)

While I agree with your wrt. the subsequenttests, I think that it
doesn't address Rob's question.

About GUI test automation:

If we want to continue GUI automation, IMHO there is no testtool
available that could replace the vcl testtool. As not all GUI elements
in OOo are native controls, there will always be some parts of OOo that
can't be tested with any other available tool. And I doubt that there
are any platform independent GUI tools at all that could be a candidate
for OOo testing.

So we have three options:

- do no automated GUI testing at all
- try to continue using the existing testtool that exists as a binary
and hopefully is still available on some people's hard disk (I have
versions for Windows and Linux 32 Bit)
- fix the testtool code in the "automation" module and try to create a
newer and better version of it.


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