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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject VCL TestTool
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2011 15:34:24 GMT
Hi at all

The VCL TestTool is a GUI Testtool for who was writen by 
SUN and wildly used in by the Hamburg people. The VCL TestTool (short 
TT) is designed to avoid regressions. I the past, the test was not a 
load used by the community, and same people say, TT is only wasting time 
that can be better used by manual testing. There are two disavantage 
with the TT.

1) The TT runs with testscripts wich are writen in a basic dialect. If 
we want to use TT we have to maintain this testscripts.
2) TT is a realy sensitiv. Sametimes TT see a error wich you can't find 
with manual testing. So in fact, TT see same errors who won't exist.

But ther also avantages by this tool:
1) The TT is faster as a User
2) SUN/Oracle spend a load of Time in writing testscripts. We have about 
two days (48 h) tests. We will never have so many testers to do the same 
with manual testing.

TT don't replace manual testing, but can be a great support to avoid 
regressions. the condition is, that the TT works proper.

So I will give the TT a chance, and started to testing with it, and I 
was surprised. The first Test brings a error. Within five minutes I can 
confirm it manualy. It was the "save with password error". Well, maybe 
this was also a bit luck, but even it takes 20 Minutes to analyse the 
error, it's the time wrote.

I will run now all the scripts one time with a AOOo means builded with 
--disable-copyleft. Then makes a list with the problem area we have. I 
like also to see, how many wrong errors that TT will found. I will 
upload the .res file to my apache Account, so everyone can see it.

Greetings Raphael

My private Homepage:

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