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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: The OOo Community Wiki handover of activities
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 14:51:33 GMT
Hi Terry, Drew and Tj Frasier

Thanks for the update. I want just to add, that I have full SSH acces to 
both VM on Apache. So if help is needed, I will be there. But I'm more 
in the background, but I'm here. Just for your information. Thanks for 
your work.

Greetings Raphael

Am 14.09.11 09:40, schrieb Terry Ellison:
> As has been pointed out by posters on this DL,  I've now "resigned" 
> twice from the project.  On the first occasion I said I was leaving 
> but committed to finish off my forum / wiki work first as long as we 
> could avoid a ping-pong of personal criticisms / hostile posting on 
> the ooo-dev DL.  The second time I dropped this commitment because it 
> became clear to me that we were again slipping into personal attacks.  
> Even so, what I don't want to happen is for my decision to leave to 
> cause a "denial of service" because of my being a "single point of 
> failure" for some activities.  However, I won't discuss this thread 
> further on this DL.  I leave this to TJ et al.  I will reply to 
> constructive personal emails, and am happy for any recipients to quote 
> that content here.
> In the case of the forums, the bulk of the setup work had already been 
> completed and so I have been working with Drew Jensen in the 
> background to transfer their support and administration to him should 
> the project decide to proceed with this migration.  I have pretty much 
> documented these tasks.
> The wiki is a somewhat different issue, because this work wasn't so 
> far along, and so I wanted to make some statement on the DL on this.  
> We have a stable build of MW 1.15.5 (albeit not in svn) running on 
> with a stale but recent clone of the production 
> wiki on it, as the only material content updates have been by a user 
> Hohenheim to some of the OOoES NL pages.  I have also activated TJ's 
> account and upgraded this to admin / bureaucrat, and I am willing to 
> offer TJ the same occasional support that I am currently providing to 
> Drew whilst he gets up to speed.
> Whatever the project's long term plans for the wiki, it will remain 
> provide a useful reference resource from which to migrate content if 
> the Oracle service is shut down.  IIRC, a couple of contributors / 
> committers have asked for a copy of the schema and content so that 
> they can work on it and on any data migration. So making this 
> available seems to be a sensible way ahead since the vast majority of 
> the content is already publicly accessible and could used / scraped 
> under the terms of the PDL, etc.  I will place this on the usOOo 
> site.  So please expect to see a file 

> posted next at the weekend which will explain how to download this 
> content.
> The issue that I need to be careful about (really on behalf of Oracle 
> / the old OOo projects) is that some data elements are not already 
> publicly accessible and which could in my view be deemed to be 
> personal data falling under EU Data Protection legislation, so I would 
> need to be a little careful about how I expunge these from any copy 
> for developers.  As far as I can see these could all be mangled to 
> avoid such issues:
> *user_password*
> This is already stored in highly mangled (MD5 including salt) format 
> so is not readily attacked apart from brute force guessing.  What I 
> will do is to replace 3 internal letters by 3 pseudo random letters to 
> make such this attack more impractical. (see note 1)
> *user_real_name
> *This field is not made publicly available, and is only used for 
> content attribution.  I will therefore blank this in the dump.  
> However I will keep a copy and make this accessible to any PPMC member 
> who warrants that this will be used for the purposes of content 
> attribution.
> *user_email*
> This field is not publicly available.  I will replace it by 
> strcat(md5(user_email), '')  (see note 1)
> *watchlist
> *Remove all watchlist entries.  Users can always recreate their own list.
> *Notes:
> *
> 1. Part of my reason for doing this was a point that Rob made: that 
> Apache should require users to explicitly acknowledge some form of ToU 
> as part of re-registering to recover any existing account.  I have 
> already started to develop a MediaWiki extension form on my VM MW 
> 1.17.0 version which would allow any user to "reconnect" to his/her 
> account if either (i) they knew the existing password, or (ii) knew 
> the existing email address and could issue email confirmation from 
> that address.  Any competent PHP/MW developer could easily do this 
> with the above data element mangling.
> 2. I will delete all accounts that have made no contributions to the 
> Main or User namespaces.
> 3. I am still concerned about this whole issue of content 
> attribution.  IIRC, under the old OCA contributors only vested joint 
> rights to Sun/Oracle and free licence on any patents.  The base 
> copyright and patents were maintained by the originator. The PDL is 
> even tighter of contributor rights retention.  So far we have 
> discarded all audit of contribution in svn and are currently 
> considering doing likewise for documentation content, dropping 
> contribution audit trails and defaulting to blanket Apache copyright.  
> As some third parties  might take a different view on this, I propose 
> to keep a full private archive of the D/B myself as an independent 
> audit reference.
> With these changes, I would be happy to put a copy of the wiki dump on 
> one of the old OOo servers so that it could be pulled by any ooo-dev 
> developers.

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