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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Forum integration
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 20:36:08 GMT
Le mar. 06 sept. 2011 15:13:02 CEST, drew <> a écrit :
> On Tue, 2011-09-06 at 14:56 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 2:45 PM, drew<>  wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2011-09-06 at 14:28 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 2:19 PM, drew<>  wrote:
>>> Not necessarily - there is the a very granular rights system in play -
>>> not everyone with the moderator colors on their user name have the same
>>> access levels. Hagar has a higher level then most, if not all, of the
>>> other moderators for instance.
>>>> they can kick real people off the boards if they do not
>>>> like their behavior. So it is a position of authority.  A Moderator is
>>>> an important role with real influence.  They, through their decisions,
>>>> help set the tone of the forum and represent the "public face" of
>>>> Apache OpenOffice.
>>> So, it is very easy to setup a system where a 'standard' moderator can
>>> do x but not y - in this case can not actually ban a user - they see
>>> spam, they remove it, which automatically makes the post visible to
>>> admins and the admin's can handle the actual banning, if so warranted.
>> This is good to know.  That essentially creates super-moderators and
>> normal moderators.  Is there anything else like this?  I mean is there
>> a short list of permission sets like this, or is it really an eclectic
>> mix of permissions that have been assigned to individuals over time
>> and few moderators actually have the same identical permissions?
> no - normally this is all done at the group level - I gave you the one
> exception I know off (understand my memory can be faulty at times) -
> again when I say something is possible it is a mistake to believe this
> means it is being widely used, it only means that it is possible.
> //drew

I've more rights than the other moderators in the forum because I'm also part of the admin
group in fact.
I guess that we can set the rights for single users but it's not the policy (too much work


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