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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: MarkMail Archive of legacy OOo lists
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 23:52:34 GMT
The official mailing list archives - which Apache infra hosts, and hence 
we know (as an organization) will be maintained - are at:

MarkMail knows about Apache and has been very helpful in the past for 
requests when they know they come from an Apache project.  I think 
having the bulk of all public Apache lists in their server is a 
marketing point for their products.

- Shane

On 9/6/2011 7:47 PM, drew wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-09-06 at 19:01 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:
>> I'm not sure if everyone knows about this.  On the users/discuss list
>> some appeared unaware of it:
>> All the posts are archived, for 332 OOo mailing lists, nearly 1.7
>> million posts, going back to July 2000.

Darn!  apache.m.o only has "Searching 738 lists and 7,176,053 messages. 
First list started in February 1995."
>> Does anyone happen to know what the retention practice at MarkLogic is
>> for lists?
> Hi,
> I'm fairly certain the time frame is forever - but would suggest that
> it's worth the time to drop them an email and make sure.
> It is also not the only external archive - though I don't recall all of
> the different places they are, it's listed on the wiki someplace IIRC.
> //drew

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