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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Please add postgresql-sdbc to Oracle source code grant to Apache Software Foundation
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 13:35:31 GMT
Another SGA question: what about the back-room, never-released code to 
process crash dumps? Details at  /tj/

On 9/5/2011 06:15, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to revive the postgresql-sdbc (native) driver (from
> ), and making
> good progress on the technical side.
> Eventually, I'd like it to be included in LibreOffice and the
> OpenOffice at Apache, just like the MySQL SDBC (native) driver.
> Because that code is, AFAIK, not in tag OOO340 at, nor
> in any pending CWS, I've been led to believe it is not currently in
> the planned code grant. Would it be possible to have it added to that
> grant? Thank you very much in advance.
> The web page says it can be downloaded from "special tags" (I presume
> branch) of CVS. There is also a version at
> and that's what I started from.
> All files that have any kind of copyright notice say "Sun copyright,
> LGPLv2.1 / Sun Industry SSLv1.1" with no other copyright notice, so
> I'm assuming all contributors either assigned their copyright to Sun
> or so small contribution that no copyright holds
> (e.g. gcc-4.3-postgresql.diff and sdbc-postgresql-build-lst.diff are
> so small / trivial that I would not bother about copyright problems on
> these ones).
> NOTE THAT some files have no copyright header AT ALL. I just consider
> them under the same copyright / license than the rest, but possibly
> I'm on more shaky ground there.

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