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From Terry Ellison <>
Subject Trial upgrade of forums to phpBB v3.0.9 and sync from live
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 11:33:34 GMT
I moved my "site" directory tree on last night.  
(This is the ~80 files that need to be put under svn, and that enable 
the site-customised forum configuration to be rebuild by one of the 
scripts in site/scripts and the phpBB tarballs that it pulls from the 
phpBB repository.)  We still have to finalise where this repository 
location will be.

It then took me ~40 mins to do a scripted rebuild bringing the forums up 
to phpBB v3.0.9 (current).  This included pulling the latest forum 
backup from and restoring this into the 
local application. So if you look at today 
then you will now see that it's running the latest version of phpBB with 
a clone of yesterday's live forum content.

I still have some regression tests to do and some temporary D/B tweaks 
for this version (e.g. the forums are configured as and not and this 
mucks up cookies), but it broadly looks as if we will be good to do.

The work for the live cut-over will take about 30mins, with most of this 
is network transfer and loading and reanalyzing databases.  I will 
coordinate a timeline with Andrew and come back with an update.  
Unfortunately, we will still need a nominal 24hr service outage for 
cut-over because of DNS propagation ripple.

Regards to all

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