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From Javier Sola <>
Subject Re: consolidation of Windows Build software requirements
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 21:56:17 GMT
On 9/23/11 4:39 PM, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>> Sp2is still widely used and installed in low specs computers in developing
>> countries where no licensed copies of MS exist (and where the use of
>> unlicensed copies of software is not illegal). These computers are a part of
>> OOo's market.
> Sorry if I am missing something, but why wouldn't these people use an
> unlicensed copy (cracked if necessary) of the "real thing", i.e. MS
> Office, then, if it is not illegal?
> Imagine trying to convince them to use OOo: "OK, I see you are using
> an unlicensed copy of Windows, oh well, that is legal in your country,
> and MS is evil anyway, so I don't mind. Now, look at what I have here,
> lovely office software which is almost as good as MS Office, and it
> doesn't cost anything! And it is Open Source! Don't you want to use
> it, please? Please?"
Hi Tor,

Yes you are missing something ;-) You are assuming here that MS Windows 
is better than OpenOffice. In this case it is a wrong assumption.

In Cambodia, for example, OpenOffice is in the local language (Khmer), 
it has a nice spell-checker, sorts words correctly in Khmer, uses Khmer 
dates, and it is mandatory in the education system.

Why would you want to use MS Office in English (sorry, no Khmer, formats 
or spell-checker) in your Windows XP SP2, when you can use a program 
that it is easy to learn, it is in your language and it helps you 
write?  ;-)



> --tml

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