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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Forum integration
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 18:54:13 GMT
On Tue, 6 Sep 2011 14:28:57 -0400
Rob Weir <> wrote:

> I'd think of it this way:
> We don't want a stranger to walk off the street and be immediately a
> moderator, right?  It requires some level of vetting.  A moderator can
> ban users, they can kick real people off the boards if they do not
> like their behavior. So it is a position of authority.  A Moderator is
> an important role with real influence.  They, through their decisions,
> help set the tone of the forum and represent the "public face" of
> Apache OpenOffice.
> How do we ensure, as a project, that the right people are given that
> responsibility?  In other words, in what way does the PPMC oversee
> this?  

I would see this as a nomination from the existing moderators, perhaps with the consensus
of the Volunteers to the PPMC to grant Moderator status to the nominee.  I'd have no problem
with that.  I accept that the Moderators, as the effective day-to-day managers of the Forum,
represent the Apache ethos and their nomination should certainly be ratified by the PPMC.

Rory O'Farrell <>

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