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From Lionel Elie Mamane <>
Subject Please add postgresql-sdbc to Oracle source code grant to Apache Software Foundation
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 10:15:45 GMT

I'm trying to revive the postgresql-sdbc (native) driver (from ), and making
good progress on the technical side.

Eventually, I'd like it to be included in LibreOffice and the
OpenOffice at Apache, just like the MySQL SDBC (native) driver.

Because that code is, AFAIK, not in tag OOO340 at, nor
in any pending CWS, I've been led to believe it is not currently in
the planned code grant. Would it be possible to have it added to that
grant? Thank you very much in advance.

The web page says it can be downloaded from "special tags" (I presume
branch) of CVS. There is also a version at,
and that's what I started from.

All files that have any kind of copyright notice say "Sun copyright,
LGPLv2.1 / Sun Industry SSLv1.1" with no other copyright notice, so
I'm assuming all contributors either assigned their copyright to Sun
or so small contribution that no copyright holds
(e.g. gcc-4.3-postgresql.diff and sdbc-postgresql-build-lst.diff are
so small / trivial that I would not bother about copyright problems on
these ones).

NOTE THAT some files have no copyright header AT ALL. I just consider
them under the same copyright / license than the rest, but possibly
I'm on more shaky ground there.


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