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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject ooo-dmake now at Google Code
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2011 23:55:06 GMT

As you all might've been thinking, one of the things
we really have to move out of the tree is dmake so I
just helped dmake step out by moving it to it's own
repo at Google Code.

Why Google Code and not apache-extras you might
wonder: Dmake is something that is unlikely to
be transferred to Apache and it's a tool that
both AOOo and LibreO are interested in getting
rid of. Adding it to apache-extras would've
given that impression that dmake somehow had a
future in Apache ;).

I was not even going to add the ooo- prefix but
the simple "dmake" name was taken by some other,
completely unrelated, project.

I also had a try at transferring the SVN history
from the older repository but that involves getting
a dump of all the OOo repository and then using
svndumpfilter ... it was just not worth it IMHO,
If someone wants to do it, I could try to load
it though.

I will try to provide some prebuilt win32 binaries
on the Google Code site but now we can focus on
removing dmake from the tree and adding a build
dependency in the same lines of epm.



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