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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject Fwd: Need a volunteer for the Bugzilla templates
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 02:01:13 GMT
(This just required a new subject header)


As you know the bugzilla database is working already (very
well to be honest) but the UI interface changes were not
brought in due to the extremely outdated version (3.2.10)
the old site was running.

Apparently it is not a difficult task and it would make
our users feel more comfortable to get most of the previous
look and feel.

Mark Thomas, from infrastructure@ has analysed the files
provided by Oracle here:
and has offered the pointers for anyone wanting to take
the job (I am attaching his post).

If someone would like this task please let the list know
so that we don't have a lot of people creating JIRA issues.
After notifying the list do create a JIRA issue:


--- On Tue, 9/6/11, Mark Thomas wrote:

> You don't need to be a Bugzilla expert to do the migration.
> Templates was one of the first things I got involved in
> with ASF infrastructure and I no idea how the templates
> worked before I started.
> What is required is some folks that are willing to do the
> work. I can provide them with some pointers to get started.
> It really isn't that hard. I've taken a quick look at the
> custom templates and my initial impressions are:
> - there are ~25 files that need to be migrated
> - most changes are relatively simple
> - not all changes will be required
> On a (sort of) related topic please don't e-mail
> infrastructure folks directly. We try to avoid private
> e-mail at the ASF and many folks simply ignore e-mail
> that isn't on the appropriate list.
> If you have a question for infrastructure:
> - use;
> or
> - contact us on the #asfinfra IRC channel on freenode
> If there is something you need infrastructure to do
> - use Jira; or
> - contact us on the #asfinfra IRC channel on freenode
>   (we may still ask you to file a Jira)
> If there is a security problem with ASF infrastructure
> - e-mail
> This conversation, for example, should be on
> (cc'd)
> Cheers,
> Mark

ps. I found this link that may be helpful to see what
we are talking about:

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