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From "Pedro F. Giffuni" <>
Subject Re: Status of existing OOo user guides
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 15:27:57 GMT

--- On Mon, 9/5/11, Jean Weber <> wrote:


> We have established that relicensing the existing OOo user
> guides (which are licensed CC-BY) to the Apache license
> is not practical.
> Does this mean, as Rob has suggested, that these guides
> *cannot* be part of the "official" documentation for AOOo
> or only *should not* be part of that doco?
Please excuse my ignorance ...

If I understand well:

Despite owning the domain and the servers, the official
documentation is not owned by Sun/Oracle (otherwise it
could be relicensed).

The problem has some similarities with situation in the
forums. It's a transition process.. we have to live with
the ASF rules but there is a status quo that is doing
fine and we don't want to disrupt them.

I would think for now we can keep them running
in the Wikimedia VM that was made for that but we
will have to make some transition plan: contact the
authors that can be contacted (no spiritism, please ;) ),
and transfer the documentation that is "copyright clean"
to the confluence wiki.



> I think Rob's suggestions for "boldly going where OOo Docs
> have not
> gone before" are good ones, but they won't happen
> immediately. In the
> short term (for the next release of the software), we are
> most likely
> to have a choice between updated CC-BY-licensed user
> guides, or no
> user guides at all.
> What should I tell the small group that remains from the
> ODFAuthors
> team that has been working on the user guides?
> --Jean

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