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From Fred Juan DIAZ <>
Subject Re : change UI font size
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 18:32:47 GMT

I propose us not to pollute dev-list about this interesting problem
which would concern only a few of them (those working on UI
refreshing defect issues, graphic management etc.)

If you accept, please subscribe to the new user list by sending an email to:

then "Reply" to confirm, and you'll be subscribed

I'm going to follow your thread on this new user list
and AOOo dev will just have to extract interesting thinks for them.

In particular some informations are needed

1a) Which O.S. are you using, which version ?
1b) case Linux : which windowmanager, which version ?

2) Which version of OOo, and from which repository ?

3) didn't you forget to unselect "Use system font for user interface" ?

4) Does font changing (in replace with) has any effect on your UI ?

... others questions we'll have to examine

As far as I know, storage of this percentage is done in the xml file
for example, if you choose 119% then close OOo
launch an Xterm

$ cd /home/me/
$ grep -R 119 *
will show you this file and in it, look for
(max allowed is 130)

But I don't know which part of code is concerned here.
(only tester, not dev :-/ )

anyway I think better to go on user list

Fred Juan DIAZ


----- Mail original -----
De : the mad doctor kaeding <>
À :
Cc : 
Envoyé le : Vendredi 2 Septembre 2011 18h51
Objet : Re: change UI font size

I have tried setting a font substitution Andale Sans UI -> something
else, and it would
not take it.  I have tried going into the options and adjusting the
scaling, but it has
no effect on the UI font.  I have tried all possible configuration
options with no success.

Would someone please point to the place in the source code where the size
of the UI font is set?  Thank you.

On 8/30/11, Fred Juan DIAZ <> wrote:
> --- En date de : Mar 30.8.11, Marcus (OOo) <> a écrit :
> De: Marcus (OOo) <>
> Objet: Re: change UI font size
> À:
> Cc: "'the mad doctor kaeding'" <>
> Date: Mardi 30 août 2011, 22h21
> Tools - Options - View
> Here you can set some options that will influence the UI:
> - "Scaling"
> Uses percentile scaling for font size in user interface elements, such
> as dialogs and icon labels. The Scaling setting does not affect the font
> size of text in a document.
> - "Use system font for user interface"
> Specifies to use the system font to display all menus and dialogs. Else
> another installed font is used.
> BTW:
> It's not possible to set a specific font and/or size for displaying the
> UI in OOo.
> Marcus
> =================
> It's hopefully possible
> Tools > Options > > View
> unselect "Use system fonts for user interface"
> then
> Tools > Options > > Fonts
> select "Apply replacement table"
> the default font (not documented) is
> Andale Sans UI (comes from StarOffice 5.1 I guess, and not appearing in the
> really installed fonts :-) may be developers will have to see there later,
> it's a mystery for the tester but non-coder that i'm.
> so
> in the left line "Font", put Andale Sans UI
> right "replace with": choose the font you wish
> select Always and Screen
> OK
> but you'll notice that the font used by default, DejaVu Sans is  the widest
> one.
> about size, answer was given
> Tools > Options > > View
> Scaling 125%
> see there too
> regards and sorry to be still out of dev subjects
> fredjd

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