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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Having New Committers also be on the PPMC
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 01:09:11 GMT
It has been the practice, thus far, that all newly-invited committers are invited to also be
on the Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC). Some decline being on the PPMC, some accept,
some accept but don't actually show up at the PPMC, etc.

A question was raised at the PPMC whether that practice should be continued. 

One alternative would be to invite people to be committers and to invite committers to become
PPMC members separately.

Another alternative would be to decide on each individual consideration, whether to invite
as committer or as committer plus PPMC.

This discussion is to find out what the sentiments in the ooo-dev community are on this subject.
 It is also a way to learn what your questions are and endeavor to answer them.

 - Dennis


The initial committers, those who were signed up on the original podling proposal, are automatically
grandfathered into the project as committers and PPMC members.  There are still some of those
who have not shown up, some have submitted iCLAs but not gone farther, some do not respond
to follow-up e-mails etc.  Although there was discussion here on ooo-dev about having an use-by
date on the Initial Committer invitations, action has not been taken to offer a last-chance
and a deadline at this point.  (I think that has been my action; I have not given it any priority.)


Since, I am speaking first, here's my view.

My preference is to continue the current practice of inviting contributors to be both committers
and members of the PPMC.  I have seen it recommended for Podlings and I see no reason to suddenly
change.  Also, I expect there will be some culling of the PPMC on graduation to a top-level
project and a PMC.

I have seen no harm in the practice whatsoever.  There has been no injury or damage no matter
what apprehensions there are about having a wide membership in the PPMC.

The current practice exposes more contributors to the workings of the PPMC, and it also provides
a way for contributors who are not exclusively focused on development to offer their contributions
in yet another way.  Part of the challenge of the incubator is to develop a sustainable activity
for continuing renewal of participation in the face of contributor, committer, and PPMC member
turnover.  It is the initial PPMCs challenge to foster that and live it.  

The way to develop a resilient, sustainable project, is to keep PPMC membership open to new
committers for now.

That's one view.  There are many more.  What are they?

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