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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Bugzilla e-mail is bouncing and other e-mail issues
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 16:44:21 GMT

Will the Apache OOo Bugzilla make e-mail reports of issue creation and other actions.  If
so, is not ooo-issues@i.a.o where those will go?  Sort of like ooo-commits for issue tracking?

If not, are we going to see all of the Bugzilla reports on ooo-dev?  That could be painful.

 - Dennis

[We need to inventory this level of detail somewhere so that we know what not to break and
know when something has been done.  I'm thinking of branches to detail off Kay Schenk's nice
migration page on OOOWIKI.  Is that a good idea?]

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From: Eike Rathke [] 
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 07:12
Subject: Re: Bugzilla e-mail is bouncing and other e-mail issues


On Monday, 2011-09-05 08:51:46 +0100, Mark Thomas wrote:

> Over the weekend, the ASF infra team noticed some e-mail from the ooo BZ
> instance was bouncing. Specifically, e-mail to
> There also are 142 other
> accounts.
> The delivery failure may be a temporary issue but it highlights a two
> tasks for the ooo podling.
> 1. These accounts need to be switched to ASF mailing lists. Please
> identify the required changes and open a Jira ticket with the
> infrastructure team to implement the changes.

I propose the issues@* lists are bundled in one single instead.

In active times, the volume on the general all-bugs list was unbearable
and even on some issues@*.oo.o lists was very high, especially for the
main applications and l10n project, so at the end maybe 5 or
6 additional ooo-issues-*@i.a.o will be needed where people can
subscribe to their area of interest.

> Note: These accounts were enabled. ASF Infra security policy requires
> that BZ accounts representing mailing lists are disabled. All 143
> accounts have been disabled. This does not stop update notifications
> being sent but it does stop people requesting password resets for these
> accounts or logging on using these accounts.

Makes sense.

> 3. The assigned to field is set to just about anything other than
> ooo-dev@incubator.a.o. In the main ASF Bugzilla instance, this field is
> hard-coded to the relevant project's dev list and is read-only. This
> ensures that any updates to any issue are sent to the dev list. ASF
> policy requires that all issue tracker updates are sent to a project
> mailing list (usually dev@ or issues@) so that the community is aware of
> updates to the issues. Please decide how you want to handle this and
> then open a Jira ticket with the infrastructure team to make the changes.

Any opinions on creating one ooo-issues@i.a.o for now and maybe
additional ones later as needed?


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