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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [wiki] Migration - A TerryE Clipping Collection [LONG]
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 14:57:59 GMT
Pedro, just a quick clarification,

My understanding is that Infra doesn't do content conversions of the kind we are talking about.

It is all volunteer work and it is up to the PPMC to resource such things. Infrastructure
provided the gear and the platform/stack. 

Oh, and I read Alexandro's question differently.  When he asked "how will you," I answered
with "how would I".  I didn't take the question as one for the PPMC.  Sorry.

My response is in the context "Were it up to me, I would ..." and "How I see it is ...".

Sorry about that.

 - Dennis

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From: Pedro F. Giffuni [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 20:48
Subject: Re: [wiki] Migration - A TerryE Clipping Collection [LONG]

--- On Wed, 9/7/11, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> I also have not kept up with the discussion but reading
> Terry's comments there seem to be a very huge task to
> migrate out of Mediawiki. However then I see that "due
> to lack of Mediawiki support - we are moving to
> Confluence".
> Isnt this exactly what Terry describe why would this be
> difficult to do?
> I also don't see any support for confluence products to
> match what mediawiki had. At least any solutions to
> keep the functionality for their content.
> Can you please explain how will you migrate addressing
> Terry's issues on migration?

Please hold your horses. Terry is not here, he is in his
way to Greece, and we are just exploring the few options
that are left.

Conversion from MW to confluence may be painful for
us but hopefully would be much easier for infra@.
(they haven't said anything about it yet but I am
pretty sure exploring this will take time).

Updating MW (which must be done for many good reasons,
including security) would seem more logical but still
has pain for both us and infra@.


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