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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 08:26:20 GMT
On 31.08.2011 02:32, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I'll bite.  I've got a Dell XPS 9100 running Windows 7 x64 with 1.6TB
> free on the HD (only 7200RPM though, keeps my Windows Experience
> Index at 5.9 - everything else in 7.7-7.8), 18GB DDR3 RAM, and Intel
> i7X980 processor.  I've got a few more TB on a LAN-based server; I
> suspect compiling from an SVN Working Copy there is probably not a
> smart idea, though I could try that someday.

in Hamburg we have a lot of experience with building OOo over network

this works very well for any real UNIX system over NFS (takes maybe 2-3x
longer than a build on local storage), but with Windows it's a complete
non-starter; IIRC over the native Samba protocol (or whatever it's
called) it takes something like 50x longer (yes, 50 times), and via
various Windows NFS clients it was faster but never worked reliably.

for this reason we had infrastructure to do automated builds on Windows
by copying the whole source tree over the net via rsync (which is fast
even on Windows), then building on the local storage, then rsync the
build output back.

> I already have an SVN Working copy on the local HD.  I am certain
> there are tools I don't have.  I am also running Visual C++ 2010 (not
> 2008) Express Edition on this box, so that will provide an
> interesting challenge.  Microsoft SDK v7.1 is installed but I don't
> seem to have the 64-bit compiler.

i don't believe we have a working windows 64-bit build yet, so you
should use 32-bit compiler anyway.

> Many dots remain to be connected, I'm certain.
> - Dennis
> Just for laughs, I also have the Subsystem for Unix Applications
> (SUA) set up, but building a Posix native for Windows (and XServer)
> is probably an even greater stretch.  I intend that for confirming
> that command-line tools and libraries I build for Windows are also
> portable to *nix to a first approximation.

for the Windows build we currently require Cygwin; perhaps it would be
possible to build with this Microsoft UNIX thing instead, but i don't
think anybody has tried it.

> Oh, and I have virtual PC and have OpenBSD in one of the VMs.  I
> could also make another Windows XP VM if necessary, perhaps with
> Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.

be aware that building in a VM takes quite a bit longer.


"This isn't about what is," said Mr Nancy.  "It's about what people
 _think_ is.  It's all imaginary anyway.  That's why it's important.
 People only fight about imaginary things." -- Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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