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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: [What?] Why and How did this reach my inbox?
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:42:44 GMT
On 23.08.2011 21:25, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> How about the mangling of the To address?  When I get one of these, I
> cannot use any rules because the To address that my mail client sees
> is not that of ooo-dev but some hacked-up pseudo gmane address.

when signing up a mailing list at Gmane there is a checkbox whether the
mail addresses (as seen by Gmane users) should be mangled or not; this
feature is intended to prevent address harvesting and thus deter spammers.

> I have a different question.
> According to the information on GMANE, it takes someone who claims to
> be an administrator to offer up a mailing list for aggregation
> there.
> Who did that and where was it discussed here?  I suspect I may have
> seen an off-hand mention but I had no idea what the consequences were
> at that point.

guilty party here.

i plead mitigating circumstances: i did it with good intentions.

i thought signing up our mailing lists with Gmane would annoy the heck
out of Dennis Hamilton.  errr, no, wait a minute, my memory is playing
tricks on me again...

ah, now i remember: i did it to make our project more accessible to the
wider FOSS community and encourage some participation.  yeah, that was it.

and in my defense, digging through my cache i found that on this list
some 78 messages have been posted via Gmane, from 6 distinct authors.

> Finally, wholesale harvesting of someone's e-mail list raises serious
> netiquette issues far beyond concerns for top posting, CC additions,
> etc.  When did we consider what we expect of that and also what does
> it not being on Apache infrastructure raise as a concern?

it's a public mailing list.  what concerns would be raised by additional

> - Dennis


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