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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: A point on the OOo code
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 10:36:46 GMT
On 19.08.2011 08:21, eric b wrote:
> Hi,
> My starting point was : I'm used to the OOo source code, but I do not
> know how to retrieve an old cws. In fact, I don't know at all what do ..
> We suppose that I currently got an hg blob, containing until DEV300_m93
> (which is sufficient for my needs / tests). Add that I know how to
> extract a milestone, compile it, and create diffs.
> Q1 : is it possible to explain a dummy like me :
> - how to download the current code (the OOo milestone we'll take as
> starting point), using svn (only the instruction with the right URL is
> ok for me)
> Note : even if the tree is not complete, but what is the command, or
> what will be the command ?

don't know (AFAIK code is not yet imported?)

> Q2 : how to connect the hg code to the svn one ?

what do you mean by "connect"?
how to migrate the not-yet-integrated code in CWSes?

> Q3 : how to retrieve an old cws and extract the diff ? I read the wiki,
> and found nothing usefull on the mercurial side, and be able to retrieve
> something in the history is essential.

i always do something like "hg log | less" and then search for the CWS 
name; the first commit that is found is usually the merge commit that 
integrates the CWS into the master.

you can get all the changes that were made in the CWS by doing a "hg 
diff" of this commit against the parent that corresponds to the master 
(in almost all cases this is the first parent).

for example for sb111 the integration merge is 019ac597e5e0.

the -c option to diff uses the first parent as base revision, so you can 
get all of the changes introduced by the CWS by "hg diff -c 019ac597e5e0".

if it's the second parent then i guess you would need something like "hg 
diff -r $second_parent_id -r $child_id".

if you want to see the individual commits that were introduced by the 
CWS then it's a bit more complicated; at OOo we have always used the 
convention to put the CWS name into the commit message, so the easiest 
way is to just search in the log for the CWS name, that should find all 

there are also GUI tools that make this kind of thing more convenient; 
i've only used "hgview" so far, it's a bit slow on our big repo and eats 
lots of RAM but it is very useful.

> Action Item : I'm volunteer to make a summary and add the information on
> the Apache wiki.
> Thanks in advance for any help !
> Eric

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