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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: An example of what's wrong up with the wiki
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 17:11:48 GMT
On 07.08.2011 18:30, Rob Weir wrote:
> As mentioned before I'm concerned with the concentration of power on
> the wiki, with a few moderators/admins having arbitrary power over
> content, even though they have not signed the iCLA, are not committers
> and have not been appointed by the PPMC.  So there is arbitrary
> authority, with no accountability.  Having a system like this
> abdicates the PPMC's responsibility for providing oversight to our
> Apache-hosted project websites.
> I posted a new FAQ on the wiki today.  This was to demonstrate that
> anyone could post anything on the wiki, under any license.
> The post was quickly taken down and my account was permanently
> blocked.  This was done by someone who is not a PPMC member. In fact
> this was a person who recently announced that he was leaving the
> project because they had no time to participate.  But evidently there
> is no process for removing someone's super-user permissions once they
> claim to have left the project.   There was no discussion on the
> ooo-dev or ooo-private about the content removal.  Nor was there any
> discussion of the account ban.  It was just done.

i can't figure out how to look at what exactly you added to the wiki, 
but if you really added a demand of payment in livestock to the page 
then i consider such handling of obvious attempts at vandalism entirely 
appropriate, and i am happy that we have somebody who looks after these 

> This is not how Commit Then Review works at Apache.   This proves my
> point that we need to have all wiki users with permissions over other
> users to be Committers.  Only committers should have the ability to
> revert content made by other committers.  And this should only be done
> with discussion.

in general i'd agree that being a Committer is an advantage for 
administrative duties, but of course it depends on finding enough 
Committers with sufficient time available to react to Wiki vandalism and 
spam in a timely manner; in the current situation i'm happy that Clayton 
is still watching it a bit, and he certainly has the experience to do a 
good job.

oh, and consider that currently the Wiki is still on Oracle/OOo 
infrastructure, not on Apache, so i guess if there really is a Committer 
requirement it does not currently apply.

> -Rob


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