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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: status of OpenOffice logo?
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 17:32:35 GMT
Hi Kay,

Amazing the volume of emails that came in while driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

On Aug 3, 2011, at 8:29 AM, Kay Schenk wrote:

> There are some first steps proceding with moving portions of the existng
site to Apache. See, for example,
> This page lacks headers and footers, which brings me to...
> I know there's been discussion about the current logo

Regenerate the current headers and footers, but it needs to be done via wrapping in the Apache

In ooo/site/trunk/templates


Take skeleton.html and make a ooo_skeleton.html

In ooo/site/trunk/lib


our @patterns = (
        [qr!\.mdtext$!, single_narrative => { template => "single_narrative.html" }],
) ;

Add a pattern to identify the html that kenai wrapped before. This will be tricky as there
may be html that we want to just push through - I think that was "*.html.html" file in Kenai.

This pattern can refer either directly to ooo_skeleton.html or refer to an "ooo_narative.html"
which refers to ooo_skeleton.html.

In we will need a python routine to pump content into the markup.

For now concentrate on turning one or two to the current pages into a "template" and then
we can do the steps outlined above.

> vis a vis trademarks, possible changes due to Apache etc.
> But could someone give us an update on this?

When we have our samples together then I think we should describe to Trademarks and Legal-Discuss
what we have done. They'll tell us if we need to change anything. The project might want to
do a little "bike shedding" on the design.

> Can we use the existing logo without changes (i.e. ref to Apache?) or ???

I thought we would add a small Apache feather to the header somewhere, but the footer might
be ok, too.

> There seems to be few Apache projects. e.g Buildr, which don't seem to use the Apache
logo, and since there seems to be a consensus to keep at a site,
I'm wondering if we can just proceed with what we ahve in terms of headers for web pages without

A lot of projects have the Apache logo in one corner and the project logo in the other.

My personal feeling is that the colors on the Apache feather clash with the light sky blue
of OOo. I have seen some examples where the Feather has different colors but these may be


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