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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Moving OOo web: results of
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 15:29:24 GMT
Hi Kay,

I was able to get HTML wrapped using the Apache CMS last night. I'm not ready to commit anything
yet. I'll summarize where I am and possible next steps.

In order to make progress the key was investigating the source for the {% %} template tagging.
This is found here:


I changed to include an html_page procedure

In I added a pattern for html wrapping.

our @patterns = (
        [qr!\.mdtext$!, single_narrative => { template => "single_narrative.html" }],
        [qr!\.html$!, html_page => { template => "html_page.html" }],
) ;

The template html_page.html looks a lot like single_narrative.html but adds an override to
the content block.

{% extends "skeleton.html" %}
{% block content %}{% autoescape off %}{{ content }}{% endautoescape %}{% endblock %}

We keep a single skeleton which is good.

Next steps are

- blocks for javascript and css insertion.
- controlling sidenav. The current html_page.html is not very good for the pages that Carl
modified in the download directory.
- header and footer framework
- online cms editing of html
- scripting of Kenai html into CMS compatible - stripping of headers and extraction of javascript
and css.


On Aug 7, 2011, at 8:35 AM, Kay Schenk wrote:

> On 08/06/2011 09:03 PM, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> On Aug 4, 2011, at 12:16 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
>>> I just wanted to report that this script worked just fine as near
>>> as I can tell.
>> Great. When I did the work for the www and download project I used a
>> different script which is still a stub as there was a hand editing
>> step to correct inconsistent line endings.
>>> The post about the script  has shown up in several places, but
>>> placing it as its own subject seemed appropriate.
> got buried! :)
>>> Now back to investigating headers/footers.
>> I added a page to the wiki with some of my thoughts today about
>> headers and footers for the websites including the MediaWiki and User
>> Forums.
> good! this needs regular updating as we iron out issues...I'll take a look
>> I am going to try a new template/skeleton.html tomorrow.
>> Regards, Dave
> OK, I'm going to try to start "migrating" some of the old OO.o pages to the "www" area
on Apache today. I won't link them in to anything. This will just be for my education at this
> So, I am kind of wondering why you took "download" off the main line so to speak. Thoughts?
> As far as I'm concerned given the current layout and "incubator" status, we might consider
just leaving the side navigation items as they are or augmenting them somewhat, and using
this existing "template" instead of the more involved "top tab" business currently with the
OO.o site. But...we'll see what we think after a few "tests" I guess.
> later...
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