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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Lazy consensus template
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 18:19:14 GMT
There is a good description of "Lazy Consensus" on the Apache
community web site [1]

But even if you understand that page, you might have questions about
how to actually do it.  It is not very difficult.   I've written up a
short example template of what it looks like.  The use of this
template is not required.  You can express the same things in your own
words, as you wish.  But it is good form to ensure that your proposal

1) A [PROPOSAL] tag in the subject line of a new thread, so list
readers know to pay special attention to your thread.  You should not
bury a proposal 15 posts down in an existing thread.

2) A description of what *you* are proposing to do.  A proposal for
what other people should do is just a wish.

3) A statement that you will invoke Lazy Consensus if no objections
are expressed within some time period, at least 72-hours.  A longer
time period might be appropriate for proposals made near major
holidays, for example.



Subject: [PROPOSAL] Optimized sleep() statements

I propose to rewrite all sleep() statements in AOOo to improve
performance,  adding my special sauce and kung-fu taught to me on the
streets of Boston by Sister Mary Elizabeth, and optimize the hell out
of it with a recursive C++ function template I saw in Dr. Dobbs in
1993, and then to commit it to the trunk.

If there are no objections to the above proposal within 72-hours  then
I will invoke Lazy Consensus and proceed to implement the above


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