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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Fundraising
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 01:58:57 GMT
On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 2:45 PM, Eike Rathke <> wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> On Saturday, 2011-08-13 10:51:57 -0400, Rob Weir wrote:
>> Donations went to Team, e.V, or to SPI (for US
>> donations).  I'm assuming that Oracle does not control either of these
>> accounts.  I'm assuming as well that Apache and the PPMC has no
>> control over these accounts.
> For Team OOo that's correct. For SPI that's presumably correct as well.
>> Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think an Apache
>> project can have a private fund, or solicit donations for a 3rd party
>> one.
> Why not?

I've formed a US-based non-profit corporation before, so I know some
of the concerns.  To preserve tax-exempt status, as well as to comply
with fund raising regulations,  you need to be very careful how
donations are solicited and how they are spent.  There is a lot of
paperwork and a lot of details.  I have no experience with doing this
internationally, but that certainly increases the complexity.    It is
very reasonable for Apache not to assume the risks to their non-profit
status that would come if they allowed every poding or even project to
do its own fund raising.

>> Maybe have it point to here instead:
> I think a donation to Apache in general is different from a donation
> specifically to the AOOo project. I didn't see a "designated use" field
> in the PayPal form.

Correct.  Projects are not independent legal entities.  The legal
entity is the Apache Software Foundation.  But the website does say,
"If you have a specific target or project that you wish to directly
support, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your
wishes".  But that is different than saying that a project has a fund
under their control.

>> Higher level question is this:  is there any particular reason that we
>> think AOOo has fundraising needs that are not covered by Apache's
>> fundraising?  Apache provides the servers, the domain registrations,
>> they have conferences which we are welcome to attend, they have a
>> press office, etc.
> Team OOo paid bursaries for individuals that went to OOoCons and
> Hackfest, paid hardware for buildbots and pootle servers, paid students
> for the OOo internship. Do you think that Apache will cover those
> expenses?

Apache provides the hardware.  They also have travel assistance for
ApacheCon. It is probably premature to talk about the next OOoCon.
I'm not aware of any internship sponsorship, but Apache does
participate in GSoC:

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