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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Making mailing lists useful (was Re: [Proposal])
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2011 14:11:32 GMT
On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 9:16 AM, Terry Ellison <> wrote:
> On 12/08/11 02:41, Rob Weir wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 8:34 PM, Jean Weber<>  wrote:
>>> On 12/08/2011, at 10:25, "Dennis E. Hamilton"<>
>>>  wrote:
>>>> +1 on putting materials like the suggested list-post subject categories
>>>> on the community wiki.  I see no reason why it needs to be maintained
>>>> anywhere else requiring higher ceremony.
>> No one is going to find it on the wiki.  The new list subscriber,
>> signing up on the list, is typically going to find the list from this
>> page:
> <snip>
> I agree that we need a single master URI for the lists as you suggest, but I
> think that "no one is going to find it on the Wiki" underplay the dominance
> of access paths such as google which will find any wiki page on this.  My
> point is that is we do have a wiki page than it should link back to the
> master mailing list page.

My point is that no one looks for this kind of information.  No one
wakes up and says, "Today I'd like to be a better poster on ooo-dev,
let's search Google for some best practices and follow some links to
find some subject tags".  That is not a reasonable expectation.  The
best we can hope for is that we get  a glance from a new subscriber at
some guidelines at the top of the mailing list page when the user is
searching for info for how to subscribe to the list.

I'm assuming that it is the new list subscriber that benefits most
from this.  Existing subscribers will just follow the conventions they
observe being used on the list.  Or do you expect to regularly check
the wiki to see what new subject tags Simon has added?


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