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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [email] email / user transition
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2011 02:41:55 GMT
On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 6:00 PM, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
> I haven't seen any recent progress on planning the transition for email.
> Sooner or later the mail server will be replaced. We have seen that the
system is flakey and has been down for as much as one week in the last month.
> (1) Mailing Lists. Maps have been proposed to transition the many mailing lists into
fewer lists.
> Do all of these mailing list addresses become aliases for mailing
list addresses?

Please, no.  OOo has an 100's of  mailing lists, many of then with
very few subscribers and only spam as traffic.

For example, the "Afar Language" project has 5 separate mailings list,
but only one across them.  That is the commit message for the website:

Other projects get traffic, but it is entirely spam:

So I think we end up, in the end, with a much much smaller number of
lists.  Avoid the fragmentation and encourage collaboration.  If we
have more than a dozen lists in the end I will be very disappointed.

> What about the subscribers to the mailing lists? Do we need to make them all resubscribe?

Perhaps we should decide that based on the existing OOo privacy policy.

> (2) registered users.
> Should we have a way to maintain email aliases? Who do we do this for?

The problem we're going to run into is that there are both official email addresses, like,,  And then there are user
accounts at the same domain, given out rather freely.

If we are able to, under the site's existing privacy, to audit the
user accounts, we should do so, to ensure that all of the "official"
ones revert to the PPMC.  This would include ones that were intended
to be official, as well as ones that may have been accidentally or
even surreptitiously created, with names that imply they represent the
project, e.g.,, either in English or in other
languages.  I'm not saying such accounts exist, but it is prudent to

One might fairly point out that at Apache, we also use the same email
domain for official and personal email addresses.  This is true.  But addresses are only given to committers, who have submitted
an iCLA, giving their real name, address, etc.  So we have recourses
if such accounts are abused.

>From the branding perspective, I would also be concerned if we had
large numbers of people, not associated with the project, using email
addresses that imply affiliation.

Am I trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist yet?  A fair
question.  I'll give an example of the things that we need to watch
out for:

We need to tread very carefully.  There are things here that potential
could threaten Apache's non-profit status.  I think that we should be
vetting every web page, every email address, every source file, every
online service that we put out as representing this Apache project.

Also, whatever we do with the forwarding addresses, I'd recommend that
existing users of such addresses switch to something else for their
Apache forwarding addresses.  Otherwise there is a real risk that
during the migration that you would miss list traffic.  This is
especially important for anyone involved in the migration of the email
forwarding service itself.

> Do legalities prevent us from retaining the user database?
> I have no idea what the best answers are. I do think that the plan does need to be communicated
to places like


> Regards,
> Dave

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