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From C <>
Subject A little clarification... just so there's no confusion
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 09:20:51 GMT
Hi everyone.

I thought it maybe it was a good idea to step back into the fray here
and just clarify things a little regarding some discussions I prompted
on and off-list yesterday.

I am stepping away from involvement in and the OOoWiki.
 This is something that has basically been in process for me since
mid-April this year.  I need to refocus my attentions on personal
matters.  On top of that I participate in several other open source
projects, and I want to focus my limited spare time in those places
for now.  I will be available behind the scenes for a while to support
the OOoWiki transition, and any other OOo projects I've had my fingers
in over the past five years.

This decision has nothing to do with any recent discussions I've been
involved in on this mailing list regarding the OOoWiki.  I understand
that there is a lot of frustration as the new OOo is hammered and
reshaped.  That's normal :-) and frustrations voiced in the email
conversations were just that... nothing more.  There will be more
heated discussions amongst everyone here in the days and weeks to
come, and to me, that is just a sign that everyone here takes this
transition seriously and wants the best for OOo.


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