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From Tor Lillqvist <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice? - win32, win64
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 18:58:16 GMT
> I can imagine there are differences because of changes in how VS2010 uses MSBuild,

(Which would be irrelevant, as the OOo build mechanism does not
involve with MSBuild. Some of the 3rd-party libraries that are/used to
be built with OOo use it I think.)

>  although I don't know why command-line use of cl.exe from the Make would have changed.

It hasn't. (Not a lot, that would affect the options that get passed
by the OOo mechanism, at least.) What has changed is implementation
details of the C++ language and its standard (or "standard") library.

> I suppose the idea would be to find out how to make it work with 2010 (I am slow anyhow),
with the goal of building
> a win-64bit version of OO.o.

Well, also VS2008 comes with a variant that produces x64 code. (Dunno,
maybe the express edition of MSVC2008 doesn't include the x64
compiler?) MSVC2008 was what I used when experimenting with a x64
Windows build. Why ask for trouble by at the same time switch to
MSVC2010 *and* to producing 64-bit code?


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