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From Tor Lillqvist <>
Subject Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 08:50:42 GMT
> i don't believe we have a working windows 64-bit build yet,

Indeed. I hacked on that a bit in February I think it was, but didn't
get so far to have actual application code running. I did this work in
LibreOffice, so the resulting clearly newly written bits of code,
configury and makefilery can not be used by AOOo, though, sorry.

>> Just for laughs, I also have the Subsystem for Unix Applications
>> (SUA) set up,

> for the Windows build we currently require Cygwin; perhaps it would be
> possible to build with this Microsoft UNIX thing instead, but i don't
> think anybody has tried it.

I experimented a bit with configuring and building under SUA (a.k.a
Interix), last year I think it was, but it was certainly not trivial.
Lots of stuff need changing from how currently done under Cygwin.

Add to that the very confusing state of SUA official and semi-official
add-on software repositories and whatnot, I didn't bother
experimenting any further. With all its faults (slowness, occasional
random crashes and/or hangs), Cygwin still is fairly reliable and
building OOo/LO under it has worked fine for many years. Also, Cygwin
has an official package repository. With Interix I always was confused
as to what version of various 3rd-party tools I need to install from
where, or build myself, to get a usable system.


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