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From Jean Weber <>
Subject Fwd: What could Doc be?
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 22:24:00 GMT
This was supposed to have gone to the list. Sorry for not paying
attention earlier.

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From: Jean Weber <>
Date: Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 07:18
Subject: Re: What could Doc be?
To: Rob Weir <>

Thanks for the comments and encouraging ideas. Before I can answer the
more substantial questions in a useful way, I'll need to do some
research and dust off my docs-project-scoping skills from my years at
IBM Australia. So for now I'll just respond to this one:

On 01/09/2011, at 3:21, Rob Weir <> wrote:

> On the re-licencing question, what is the difficulty?  Is it a problem
> with contacting the content contributors, due to changed email
> addresses, etc?  Or are there difficulties determining who exactly
> contributed to a given document, or similar pedigree issues?

Tracking people down is the main problem. In some cases we no longer
have even the email address they used when participating, and in other
cases I have attempted several times to reach people (at thair last
known address) but had no response. I believe that at least one
contributor is dead.

We do have a record of who contributed to each chapter (on the copyright page).



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