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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Access to wiki
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 14:16:58 GMT
[replying to no-one in particular, just some general Apache Way observations]

In general the lower the barriers to entry the better.

Creating hierarchies of different commit rights is nearly always
damaging to the community ("why is X allowed to do that and Y is not?"
discussions distract from doing work and are nearly always full of

Some separation of responsibilities is necessary from a legal
perspective, e.g. no iCLA = no commit access

Assuming that the wiki is not going to be used for released materials
then there is no need for contributors to have an ICLA on file.

The only good reason (IMHO) why one would not give write access to the
wiki from day one is to limit spam. Getting any non-spam content is
good. Whatever processes you put in place need to prevent spam,
nothing more.

Management of the content in the wiki is the responsibility of
everyone in the community. If there are not enough people looking
after the wiki you need more people looking after it, not less people

In conclusion the model you adopt here should maximise the number of
people able to contribute, which in turn maximises the number of
people able to manage.


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