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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Re: Scope/Mission of AOOo
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 12:43:01 GMT
On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 1:23 PM, Rob Weir <> wrote:

> Simon stuck this in the next gen support technology thread, but I
> think this deserves its own top level thread.  He declined to move it
> into its own thread, but I will.

Thanks Rob. Very enlightening post that shows me just how much you
misunderstand my position.

> If I understand Simon's recurring proposal correctly, he would like us to:

You don't. I am proposing discussion based on the levels of volunteering
that are evident in the project ONCE IT IS OPERATIONAL.

> 1) Not produce any AOOo binaries for end user use, especially not for
> Linux.

No, I am not proposing that. I do propose we review realistically what
binaries can be sustained once the project is fully operational.

> 2) Not support end-users

No, I am not proposing that. I am proposing that end-users should be
supported by shared forums or a GetSatisfaction-style collaborative venue
serving all OpenOffice-family projects, hosted on the domain
and staffed by volunteers from all co-operating projects.

> 3) Transfer the trademark and logo to The Document
> Foundation/LibreOffice, if not permanently, then at least for a
> long-term loan

While I suggested early in the project that it would be smart to ensure that
the current huge market using OOo does not just get a "please wait" message
for the next six months any time they ask for a fresh download or for
support, I have invited discussion using that as an example of a possibility
and not made the firm proposal you assert.

> 4) Concentrate on producing source code components that can be used by
> LibreOffice

... and all the other projects you love listing, and probably in the form of
a reference implementation of the whole suite. But I have not made a
proposal, this is simply your assumption based, it seems, on the baseless
assumption I want to disrupt AOOo rather than contribute to it.

> So in general, he would like us to not do anything that could be seen
> as a legitimate continuation of the OOo project or as an alternative
> to LibreOffice, the fork he helped created and continues to advise.

Lovely framing, albeit inaccurate since I've participated in AOOo at least
as much as I have participated in TDF. Good to see what you are telling
people about me though. You are a pro  :-)

> He suggests that we have not given this proposal serious
> consideration, and now that the source code is almost checked in, we
> should do so.

I'm not sure it's actually time yet, as without a functioning repo it's hard
to establish exactly how many volunteers are really present here. But
balanced discussion would be interesting. In particular, it's important that
we don't make default decisions now that exclude possibilities for
collaboration later. I'm a fan of YAGNI.


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