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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] NetBeans plugin -> grant of source code
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 10:57:53 GMT

On 08/31/2011 06:08 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> for people who don't know yet what this plugin is and for what it can be
> used see
> It is very useful for extension and simplifies the development a lot. It
> really can help to increase the eco system around the office suite.
> Something similar is available for Eclipse but with a smaller feature set as
> far as i know. I don't know how useful it is today i have only used the
> NetBeans plugin.
> Juergen
> 2011/8/31 Jürgen Schmidt<>
>> Hi,
>> i stumbled over the NetBeans plugin on my disk and asked
>> myself if it is included in the source grant from Oracle. I have a copy on
>> my disk but i am not sure if it is the most recent one and the problem is
>> that i can't check it.,
>> seems to be not available :-(
>> Does anybody know if is part of the grant. If i remember it correct it was
>> initially checked in under the api project because it started as a
>> standalone GSOC project and we kept it outside of the normal build process
>> because it was developed and built with NetBeans. But i think i have moved
>> it somewhere in  the hg repository or at least it was the plan.
>> The best thing is to ask Andrew if it is already part of the grant or if
>> not if it is possible to include it.
>> Juergen

I do use the plugin for extension projects.

I have a download of the plugin I was able to find after some searching 
of 2.0.7.alpha for NB 6.9 back in March.


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