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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS| Info message to post on dev@api and dev@extensions
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 13:34:25 GMT
Hi, Jürgen,
Just a typo alert.

On 8/30/2011 09:21, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> as the former project lead of the API and Extensions project i would like to
> post the following message on the and
> mailing lists to inform all subscribers about
> the future of these mailing lists. I will probably post something similar to
> the other project related mailing lists but the dev@ lists are the most
> relevant.The main goal is to inform and bring the subscribers over to the
> new Apache project and the ooo-dev list for further communication and what
> is more important to join the project actively.
> Comments are welcome.
> Juergen
> ####
> Hi,
> it's probably not really new for you but nevertheless i would like to inform
> you that the project found a new home under the Apache
> foundation ( and some
> things are going different under Apache. We will have only one project -
> Apache Open Office - and the number of mailing lists will be limited to only
> a few (see
> There is a common consensus that we will create new mailing lists with
> specific topics if necessary but at the moment we will move forward with
> only few lists to concentrate the information flow. From my point of view
> it's an advantage compared to the former setup with many projects and many
> project related mailing lists.
> As the project lead of the API and Extension project i would like to inform
> you that this mailing list will go end of life soon (exact date not known
> yet) and further discussion on API and Extension specific topics should
> happen on the mailing list. I recommend that
> you join the Apache OpenOffice project and subscribe on the ooo-dev list
> asap and help to make this new Apache project successful in the same way as
> before under the old setup. Well it's note really a new project but more the

  /tj/ (nitpicker in residence)
> continuation of the former official project. New in the sense
> that it is now under the umbrella of the Apache foundation.
> Maybe there will be some mail forwarding mechanisms established to ensure
> that we won't lose any messages in the future but i hope that you all will
> subscribe to the mailing lists and that we
> accept the new project under Apache as it is.
> The migration of the project infrastructure to Apache is ongoing (source
> code, website, wiki, forum, ...) and there are still a lot of things to do.
> Every helping hand is welcome. Some things will change under Apache because
> of the already existing rules there and we want to be a good and well formed
> project there. Every change is also the opportunity to make things better
> (if necessary) in the future. And you can be part of this important move of
> OOo and can help to move things forward.
> The good thing at Apache is that it is independent, well accepted in the
> open source world and all project members are equal. Important is that the
> rules of the Apache foundation and the project are accepted and that things
> are getting done.
> I hope to see you all on the new project and the
> mailing list soon. I am looking forward to an
> interesting and challenging future of OOo under the umbrella of the Apache
> foundation.
> Regards
> Juergen
> ####

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