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From Terry Ellison <>
Subject Re: SVN and bringing the total end-to-end OOo project under Configuration Management
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:34:37 GMT
On 29/08/11 16:30, Michael Stahl wrote:
>> Tried this before on projects.  It really doesn't work.  There are
>> ~2,500 files of which we update about 20-30 with a single patch file.
>> If we do it the way you suggest, we would have a huge bulk of revisions
>> every phpBB release.  It's a lot easier to keep the build script and the
>> patch file under CM and then we only have two files to update every
>> release.
> perhaps a patch tracking tool like "quilt" would be appropriate?
> it allows to have not just a single big patch but multiple patches, each
> one containing one "logical change".
> then the patches and quilt metadata can be put into SVN.
> (i have been using a versioned HG Mercurial Queue against the OOo repo,
> which is quite similar in approach...)

(i) It's good to know that we are doing something similar else where.
(ii) Quilt is definitely something that we should consider, but if you 
don't mind, can we leave this for the next upgrade?  It's just that I've 
done the "single patch" approach for the last 4 phpBB upgrades, and I am 
already spinning ~5-10 other tweaks and toolset changes on moving from 
dedicated Solaris in Oracle to an Ubuntu VM in Apache.

Regards Terry

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