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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: OOo Bugzilla data import available for review
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 10:06:07 GMT
Hi, Marcus,

On 8/26/2011 04:30, Marcus (OOo) wrote:
> Am 08/26/2011 08:04 AM, schrieb Herbert Duerr:
>> On 08/26/2011 12:54 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> The OOo Bugzilla data export provided to the ASF infrastructure team has
>>> been imported into a test instance[1] for your review.
>> Excellent, thanks!
> Yes, thanks a lot for creating the test inatance. :-)
>>> Please review the import and report any *show stopper* issues to the
>>> infrastructure team via the Jira ticket created for this import. [2]
>> I'm not sure whether this is a showstopper issue for the new import as
>> it obviously wasn't too important for the maintainers of old OOo-IZ, but
>> many issues got spam-attachments
>> I see that JIRA does a more sensible thing for such kinds of
>> attachments, by replying
>> "The attachment is not viewable in your browser due to security
>> restrictions enabled by your Apache ooo Bugzilla administrator."
>> but I think if it was possible to identify it would be even better if it
>> was possible to remove the spam-attachments before they get imported
>> into JIRA.
>> An efficient to identify many spam-attachments in the JIRA import is to
>> look for attachments by "Unknown", which works because many of the
>> abusers of the old system got banned and their userid got deleted. An
>> even better best way would be to directly scan for spam.
> +1
> I think the spam trash should be tried to deleted before importing into
> a real system. Otherwise someone has to go over the issues (maybe
> one-by-one, I don't know) and delete it manually which doesn't sound
> very attractive.
> Marcus
If you know any way to delete spam en masse that would work better 
before (rather than after) an import, please suggest it.

According to the Bz manual, Bz can be configured to run CGI scripts. 
Perhaps finding "Unknown" attachments and deleting them can be 
automated. Otherwise, it looks like searching for spam itself, and for 
contributions from identified spammers, could take a while, but I will 
do it.

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