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From David McKay <>
Subject Re: User support - what do others do
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 20:25:15 GMT

On 24/08/11 20:37, drew wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 15:24 -0400, drew wrote:
>> On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 20:16 +0100, Simon Phipps wrote:
>>> On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 8:03 PM, Andreas S├Ąger<> 
>>>> Please show us a single spam posting, a single off topic thread, duplicate,
>>>> unsubscribe rant, heavy trolling, meta-topic about using the forum, any
>>>> violation of netiquette or forum rules that survives longer than one or two
>>>> hours.
>>> It's great. No complaints.
>>> This wheel must not be reinvented while spinning smoothly.
>>> If only that was an option. It's just not on Apache infrastructure,
>> Ah nope, sorry. the forums are already on a staging server under the
>> Apache infra. In fact it should be ready for some of us to start
>> changing the theme pretty now.
>>> so one
>>> day soon-ish will need to move elsewhere. I am not complaining about it,
>>> just speaking abstractly about the difference between mailing lists and
>>> forums as we consider out migration options.
>>> In fact I am actually asserting that our future replacement for Oracle's
>>> infrastructure /should be a forum/ and not a mailing list!  My assertion
>>> that forums needs staffing is clearly true, because that's what is actually
>>> happening :-)
>> Staffing - well, how do think it runs now - divine intervention?
> Let me try that again.
> The forums has a very well defined structure for who does what - and it
> is not about people having authority over others, it is about people
> taking responsibility for tasks, the word stewardship is more
> appropriate here.
> Decisions at the forum are made under the authority of the Volunteer
> group, a person does not have to be a moderator or admin to be in that
> group, simply active, give reasonable answers and do so in a respectful
> way and want to join, it is by invitation and every 3-6 months we ask
> the current members to nominate new members. Most decisions are made
> using a lazy consensus but from time to time a vote happens, not very
> often at all.
> Moderators and Forum level Admins must be a member of this group.
> Moderators must agree to conform to our Code of Conduct, a document that
> has developed over time, and still can change, based on situations that
> have come up from time to time.
> It's fairly simple actually.
> In five years there has only been one time, that I know of, where a
> moderator was removed because of bad actions and that was early on.
> //drew
I'm a Mod on the OOo Community Forum, and I'd be happy to continue doing 
so. I think the forum suits the person with the once-in-a-while 
question, and mailing lists suit the person with a more focussed and 
consistent interest. I think the (for want of a better description) 'the 
naive user' are more comfortable with and used to the idea of fora. We 
get a lot of people who start their posts with variations of 'I am xxx 
years old and have only been using a computer for three and half weeks, 
my question is...'. i can't see those guys being comfortable with 
mailing lists.

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