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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: [Repo][Proposal] OOO340 SVN Dump file import
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 09:55:05 GMT

I just wanted to clarify how we want to proceed with the files that have
been changed during the svn import.

Am 17.08.2011 23:15, schrieb Michael Stahl:

> On 16.08.2011 20:41, Rob Weir wrote:
>> During local svn import I received several error messages like this:
>> "svn: Inconsistent line ending style"
>> The following files gave this error:
>> /ooo/trunk/core/dictionaries/de_DE/README_hyph_de_DE.txt
>> /ooo/trunk/core/dictionaries/de_CH/README_hyph_de_CH.txt
>> /ooo/trunk/core/dictionaries/de_AT/README_hyph_de_AT.txt
>> /ooo/trunk/core/gettext/gettext-
>> /ooo/trunk/core/apache-commons/patches/codec.patch
>> /ooo/trunk/core/libcroco/libcroco-0.6.2.patch
>> /ooo/trunk/core/graphite/graphite-2.3.1.patch
>> /ooo/trunk/core/filter/source/xslt/odf2xhtml/export/common/body.xsl
>> /ooo/trunk/core/filter/source/xslt/odf2xhtml/export/common/styles/style_mapping_css.xsl
>> /ooo/trunk/core/solenv/bin/
>> /ooo/trunk/core/readlicense_oo/html/THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html
>> /ooo/trunk/core/writerfilter/source/doctok/escher.html
> guess these just need proper consistent EOL. and THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.html are different. dos2unix
thinks they are binary files. For the time being we should add them as
they are in the Mercurial repo. As far as I can see, the former is
obsolete and the latter has to be rewritten anyway before we can release

All other files indeed should be converted to Unix line ends with
dos2unix and added/committed to the svn repo.

Some of these files are "external" files from the dictionaries, and
usually we don't change these files directly. We can just add them from
the Mercurial repo as they are. As these files will be removed from the
repository soon anyway (wrong license), it doesn't make a big difference
how we treat them. We could even leave them out.

>> /ooo/trunk/core/testautomation/writer/optional/input/import/mactext.txt
> this one is called "mactext", maybe it wants mac EOL.
> there is a "dostext.txt" "wintext.txt" "unixtext.txt" in the same dir.

We should take this file from the Mercurial repo and commit it to svn
without changes.

"dostext" and "wintext" have been converted to Linux line ends in the
svn repo. We should revert that.

>> /ooo/trunk/core/hwpfilter/source/hwpeq.cpp
> this one has comments with Korean characters in some annoying encoding.
> perhaps we should just remove the offending comments for now.


>> /ooo/trunk/core/writerfilter/source/odiapi/qname/resource/office2003/WordprocessingML
>> Schemas/xsdlib.xsd
>> /ooo/trunk/core/writerfilter/source/odiapi/qname/resource/office2003/WordprocessingML
>> Schemas/wordnetaux.xsd
> seem to be UTF-16 LE encoded

So we should convert them to UTF-8 and commit them, right?

> - some EOL changes in a bunch of files that are probably either harmless 
> or an improvement
Some text files in the svn repo have been converted from DOS line ends
to Unix line ends, indeed this can be considered as an improvement as
this is what we wanted to have in our code repository anyway.
Interestingly some files have been converted in the opposite way: "dsp"
file for the MS Developer Studio. As these files will be used on Windows
only anyway, I don't see a problem with that.

Again some files are inside the "dictionaries" folder and don't matter


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