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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: [Discussion]
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 00:34:31 GMT
Dave Fisher wrote:
> On Aug 22, 2011, at 3:38 PM, Marcus (OOo) wrote:
>> Am 08/22/2011 11:45 PM, schrieb Andy Brown:
>>> Marcus (OOo) wrote:
>>>> @all:
>>>> If there is somewhere else a place that should be updated (and I've
>>>> write access) please let me know.
>>>> Marcus
>>> If you have access, maybe on the mailing list page on the OOo site [1]
>>> or [2]. If not then post a message to the list that your on.
>>> [1]
>> Sorry, for the support area I haven't write access. However, it would be sufficient
to delete the "Users Mail List" row and to keep the "General OOo Mail Lists" row as it points
already to the modified webpage.
> We are acting a little quickly.
> Shouldn't we have an before we delete the Users Mail List
on the OOo site?

Yes.  Marcus was referring to the row that contains the link to the 
Users List, not the list itself.  The Users and other list are linked in 
on the General OOo Mailing list page that he referred to so it would not 
hurt to remove just that row.

>>> [2]
>> Is there something else that needs to be changed? Normally it should be fine already.
> The old version is carefully hidden here [3]
> [3]
> Until we move the users@ooo list I think that needs to be added back to [2] and then
[2] checked into to [3].
> BTW - Creating the support area is one of the next items in the podling site. [4]
> [4]

I and Marcus are referring to pages on the old OOo site not on the new 
AOO site.  Having information on AOO is nice but till it is live and 
linked to with OOo domains the old site needs to point people to the 
main AOO web page(s).


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