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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: [Repo][Proposal]After the code is checked in to SVN
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2011 18:47:18 GMT
On 21.08.2011 20:07, Michael Stahl wrote:

> "when to branch for 3.4 release" is a very good question.
> one thing i really don't want to do with SVN is to merge that release
> branch back into the trunk (we used to do that with our OOO330 HG
> repository, but that was HG... sigh...).
> so this would mean to do the licensing cleanup before creating the 3.4
> release branch (otherwise we'd have to do it twice).
> also, the CWSes that are targeted at 3.4 should be integrated before the
> branch-off.

The longer we stick with one code line, the better. Getting a first
release should be a higher priority than starting new work or getting as
much cws integrated as possible.

> then there are some CWSes that aren't targeted at 3.4, but could be
> integrated now.

They *could*, but *should* they?

> the obvious option is that these cannot be integrated until the release
> branch is created.  this is definitely the risk-minimizing option.
> another option would be to look if we consider some of these "low-risk"
> enough to re-target them to 3.4.

The third option first releasing 3.4 and then integrating other cws. Or
at least get very close to a release so that developes run out of work
so that they will become eager to integrate more cws.


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