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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Future extensions registry hosting
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 02:48:50 GMT
A couple of brief general comments:

- Apache's mission is to provide software for the public good, under the 
Apache license or a fundamentally compatible one.  Hence, we do not 
distribute GPL code, for one example (see Category X licenses).

- Apache projects typically must use Apache managed hardware for hosting 
websites and other important services.  This allows us to be 
self-sufficient in the case of outages, and ensure that we can control 
our own fate.

- There are plenty of technical solutions for creating registries (i.e. 
metadata about and pointers to, but not necessarily hosting the source) 
of bits of software - both the httpd module stuff, various other obvious 
projects, and even our own Maven and Archiva projects.

- It's clear that there are such a wide variety of services and bits of 
software hosted at URLs related to that we have quite a 
significant task ahead to maintaining as much of the existing services 
to the millions of end users, while also respecting Apache policies.

- We have friends who work on the Google infrastructure behind (and infra@ can put you in touch with people once 
there's some specific proposals, I hope)

I'm sure we can figure ways to have us host the metadata and any 
appropriately licensed software, and have appropriate owners host any 
software that falls under other kinds of licenses.  But it's not going 
to be easy...

And we shouldn't let it distract us too much from getting the actual 
product source code checked in and building, either!

- Shane, dropping off to zleep... zzzzzzzz

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